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 [GoC][SK] 2/2 Blitz - 24th EC

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MessageSujet: [GoC][SK] 2/2 Blitz - 24th EC   Jeu 24 Oct - 11:30

I missed opportunity to be at EC this year due to some [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien] so i announced on our national forum i'm ready to equip any player with any Lion deck he want to play at Euros. Mycek answered my call so i sent him 3 SK Lion decks - blitz, paraweapons and naked paragons. Mycek was rather unactive loyal Spider player, so playing Lion was a new experience to him. He received cards a day before EC, tested decks during night and decided to play blitz for the first time in his life. :DDuring phone call i explained him how it works, about best openings, tactics against more popular decktypes because he stopped playing a year ago or something and his knowledge about environment was poor. I approved his choice because blitz gave me 6th place at Second Chance of our Nationals month ago. So future was bright for us. Smile

First qualifier started bad, 1:2 so he decided to drop and try in 2nd one. Finally he scored 5-2 and he was still in play. In Main Event he scored only 4:3 and finished at 24th place.

1-0 [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]. No history game. Funny this is a fact that after this loose, Vasquez decided to drop from Main Event to find his luck during Second Chance tournament. That was really tactical decision because he won SC. :DOn the other side, his drop lowered Mycek's SoS for the rest of tournament.
2-0 ??? - CB YPxp dishonor. Another fast game that ended at 0PH.
3-0 [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]. Two provinces in second turn, an two more in third turn.
3-1 [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]. Worst game. Killed some guys in Limited Phase, and took control of another and game over.
4-1 [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]. Same deck as above, but even he played Overpower, combination of Firm Censure and Martial Manipulation made this game.
4-2 [Vous devez être inscrit et connecté pour voir ce lien]. Lose to dice roll and... Great amount of luck for Lestat. Read his report anyway. Wink
4-3 ??? - FotM farming oni. This time deck didn't cooperate because only one personality bought first turn. No Overpower, but he had 4 movement cards that helped him to defend all Provinces later this game.

As you see, all loses came from FotM decks and bad dice roll in mirror game. Great thanks for all sources of blitz inspiration (especially Dan Swartz,  edong660 and Rawion).

And here's decklist. Due to my mistake and forgot about Jeiku, he should be in Jahan slot for sure - that could help in Dynasty flipping (Small farm for Invest effect).

1 Shamate Keep

Border Keep exp
Bamboo Harvesters

# Dynasty (40)

# Events (7)
1 Gaining Advantage
1 The Topaz Championship
1 Harbingers of War
1 Imperial Gift
1 Harsh Choices
1 Assault in the Jungle
1 Times of Strife

# Celestials (3)
1 Jurojin's Blessing
1 P'an Ku's Madness
1 Kurohito's Perfection

# Regions (2)
1 The Second City
1 Kokure's Lands

# Holdings (3)
3 Small Farm

# Personalities (25)
3 Akodo Suoh
3 Akodo Uehara
1 Ikoma Shika - exp
3 Ikoma Shika
3 Matsu Hachiro
3 Sanzoko
3 Qalyar
3 Akodo Nojima
3 Jahan

# Fate (40)

# Strategies (30)
2 Interference
3 Sneak Attack
3 Consideration
3 Sundering Strike
1 A Game of Dice
3 Firm Censure
3 Incapacitated
2 Effortless Counterattack
3 Gaining Experience
3 Burn the Towers
2 Know Their Minds
2 Martial Manipulation

# Followers (3)
3 Clearing Crew

# Items (6)
3 Satoshi's Dual Warfans
3 Kama

# Rings (1)
1 Ring of Earth
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MessageSujet: Re: [GoC][SK] 2/2 Blitz - 24th EC   Ven 1 Nov - 20:11

Congratz him on his lately conversion to an honorable path . Even a corrupted soul can find a way of achievment through Bushido. Offre him a copy of Ayumu ;-)

And congratulations for your newly born family !

See you :-)

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Carl von Clausewitz, De la Guerre.
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[GoC][SK] 2/2 Blitz - 24th EC
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