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 [TA][TMF] Dublin Kotei Top4 Parascout

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Akodo Tenrou

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MessageSujet: [TA][TMF] Dublin Kotei Top4 Parascout   Ven 12 Avr - 15:26

Citation :
The Marshalling Fields,
Border Keep xp.
Bamboo Harvesters.


Events (4)
1 The Wall is Breached
1 Disgrace
1 On
1 Imperial Gift

1 Ryoshun's Guidance
1 Jurojin's Blessing

1 Shinden Shorai

1 Charter of the Legion of Two Thousand
3 Copper Mine
3 Remote Village
1 Farmer's Market
2 Retired Sensei
1 Chugo Seido
1 Travelling Peddler
1 Merchant Outpost

Personalities(21 - 12Paragons/9Scouts)
1 Daigotsu Hotako
1 Akodo Dairuko
1 Matsu Hana
1 Akodo Kobi
1 matsu Koyama xp
3 Matsu Koyama
2 Matsu Arata
2 Matsu Yoshito
3 Ikoma Shuji
2 Ikoma Yamahatsu
3 Ikoma Shizuka
1 Ikoma Shinju


1 Blade of Champions
1 The Emerald Armor
1 Game of Dice
1 Peace
1 Creating Order
1 The Heir's Wrath
1 Renewal
1 Serenity in Air
2 The Perfect Moment
3 Grateful Reward
2 Watchers in the Dark
2 Interference
2 Urgency
1 Ancient Feud
2 Flooded Pass
3 Heart of Darkness
3 Thick Marsh
3 Cast Aside the Weak
2 Game of Sincerity
2 Sundering Strike
3 Iron Will
2 Know No Fear

What I'd change - I'd run 2 Effortless counterattack, most likely dropping the 2 Perfect Moments. I'd drop a body (Likely Shinju) for a 2/2 utility holding.

Tournament Report:

We woke at the ungodly hour or 6.30am to head on the road for 6.45, picking up two Magic players on their way to scrub out in the event that Carl and Justin were playing in. Three hours later, we arrived in UCD and met up with the other Cork players (Sean/Jack/Dave/Wolfram), handed over some last minute cards and checked in for the tournament.

Round 1 - Lion (Pure Paragons - Shamate Keep)

Not happy to get Lion v Lion, as I'm the only Lion in our playgroup, so hadn't tested the mirror at all (this will come up again). Anyway, going first is a good skill to have, so I win the dice roll. Gary was just back to the game, after taking a break since Samurai and unfortunately his nturn 3 flip reveals that his deck has 3 Matsu Ato. Seeing as Ato was last seen in TDoW, Gary figures he's lost the game/out of the tournament. Neither myself nor Bayushi Akai will have any of that and a quick trawl through my spare cards brings up 2 matsu rika and an akodo michitsu that can see him through the rest of the tournament. Gary offers me the win, but I refuse, offering to play it out instead. I rebuff some early aggression with a flooded pass and we trade provinces until I can take his last two in one turn.


Round 2 Unicorn (Commanders - Journey's End Keep)

No pressure here, Kens only got a 3-0 undefeated streak against me in tournaments. And there is the small matter of the bet vs Dave Russell. I'm a bit nervous going into this - I'm aware of how quickly the commanders can get significant threats on the board, thanks to Harsh Taskmaster/Wide Valley. As the game turns out, I get a busted start, turn 3 Hotako with Wall is breached/Heir's Wrath preventing Ken getting any real threats on the board.


Round 3 Lion (Scouts - Marshalling Fields)

Scout blitz is a rough matchup (more on that later). Fran however starts off with the non-standard opening of losing a fate card and having 39 cards in his fate. (2 opponents I can get game losses for in 3 rounds? What are the odds?) He checks the fate and finds he is missing a 2 stings, once more my deck of cards I might play comes in useful, he sleeves up my offered replacement, and we have a game. Fran kindly offers to concede if we get to time, though we both know that in Lion vs Lion the odds of going to time are slim indeed. Fran wins the dice roll and buys a scout and gold turn 1. I buy double gold and use Flooded pass to save the province after he drains his hand pumping the scout. I buy two bodies turn two and get back the flooded pass with Jurojins. He pushes again with 3 bodies, pumps after the first flooded pass, but can't beat a second in the same battle. his 3rd attack into 4 personalities is crushed and Fran concedes with no cards in hand facing a full hand from me, with a superior personality base.


Round 4 Crane (Shugs - Shinden Asahina)

I've tested the matchup, so I'm confident going in. The game is pretty quick - I think he expected me to blitz, but instead I buy 1 personality for honour (Koyama) and gold turn 2, denying him favor access. Turn 3 I buy 3 bodies and attack every turn after that. I leave the Tatuzo'd personalities at home to force him to commit bodies to battle. The honour gains don't come fast enough and I finish the game with Dario at 26 honour.


Round 5 Lion (Scouts - Marshalling Fields)

So see the notes on round 1 and 3, untested matchup , and I know it'll be tough. I've never played him before, but Kostas is supposed to be pretty good. Whats the worst that could happen? It turns out that only being able to but 1 personality by turn 4 is the worst that could happen. Kostas annihilates by pitiful defence, and secures his position in the top 8.


Round 6 Crab (Random Good big guys - Kyuden Hida)

I'm playing the only French player to make it to our tournament. Don't let Brians name throw you off. I know he'll fold like a wet napkin at the slightest show of resistance I try to show that resistance againsta an early attack and two elephants and a besrerker beat the tar out of my army. Maybe he hasn't gone native yet.


We have to wait for the remaining results to see how the cut will work out, but I'm feeling confident haveing gone 4-0 and then lost to the only undefeated player (Kostas 6-0) and Brian (5-1). What seems like an eternity later and I'm 4th in the top 8 (top player on 4-2). On the downside I'll be playing against LDD tomorrow, piloted by Carl. Its going to be tough.

Day 2

(Explanation for the crap match coverage at the end) We start off inauspicously with only 6 of the top 8 turning up (two unnamed players needed to be sobered up). Each round is best of 3 from now.

Round of 8 - Scorpion (Dishonour - Law of Darkness Dojo)
Myself and Carl start the first match.

As per usual vs dishonour I go gold heavy. Carl starts handing out brash and I burn my Ryoshuns early so that my cavalry can stay useful. I take an early province with the cavalry, and we settle into a long game. I proclaim early and often, and Carl learns that Shinden Shorai allows you to ignore HR for Lion personlities. "only supposed to be flavor text." Eventually I build up a substantial force and go for both provinces. Carl can't hold them and we go to game 2.

We only have 15 minutes for game 2, so we play quickly. I don't want to stall it out, even though I win if the game goes to time. (Palmer rule) However I get a slow start and there isn't an opportunity for Carl to dishonour me out before time is called.

Round of 4 Lion (Scouts - Marshalling Fields)

(See round 1, 3, 5 of day 1)

Kostas wins the dice roll and the match.

Game 1 sees a single Gozu killing both my early personlities during a perfect moment.

Game 2 I only see 1 holding turn 1 and lose an early province. I concede (perhaps prematurely as I was still on 4 provinces with a decent hand size) knowing that Kostas had a great chance in the final vs either the Crab or Phoenix.

Post tournament.

Can't let the story and drama of a Kotei end on elimination. We need to leave before the closing ceremonies due to babysitters being ill, so we hit the road. To summarise the following events: I black out within 10 miles of home and am rushed to CUH with severe gastroenteritis. I'm home now and mostly recovered. Just need a few more days bed rest.

Thanks to:
Kotei team for orgainsing an awesome event
Cork playgroup for all the testing
All my opponents for being great sportsmen
My wife for tolerating my level of playtesting
Everyone who had enough faith in me to include me in their Kotei fantasy team.

Parangon - Mon Honneur n'est pas à vendre -
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Sun Tzu, l'Art de la Guerre.
"L'intention politique est la fin, la guerre est le moyen. Et jamais le moyen ne peut être pensé sans la fin."
Carl von Clausewitz, De la Guerre.
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Ikoma Nagisa
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MessageSujet: Re: [TA][TMF] Dublin Kotei Top4 Parascout   Jeu 25 Avr - 22:44

Je crois bien que je pourrais kiffer ce deck, il y a plein de trucs que j'aime bien. Je me suis lassé de tous les mix l'été dernier et cet hiver (j'ai tout fait, du Tactiscout, du Parascout, du Tactigon, du ParaTac, du ParaKitsu, du KitsuScout, du TactiKitsu...) du coup je me suis rabattu sur des choses davantage playschool pour Toulouse, mais à voir cette decklist je regrette un peu !

Je virerais Disgrace et On, probablement pour des régions (Shizuka oblige), ou alors pour Offering Reverence / Rejected Mediation.

Pour le fate ça demande du test parce que ça a l'air très fine-tuné et qu'il faudrait bien voir l'équilibre avant de mettre les mains dans le cambouis.

Omoidasu du Clan du Lion * Samurai * Courtisan
"Omoidasu, Maître-espions, notre arme est la même : la vérité."
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[TA][TMF] Dublin Kotei Top4 Parascout
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