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 [EE][Lion][EVD] Kotei Rotterdam Winner

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Akodo Tenrou

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MessageSujet: [EE][Lion][EVD] Kotei Rotterdam Winner   Lun 14 Mai - 12:48

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Hi there. For anyone who's interested, here's my Kotei Deck I played in Rotterdam last weekend. I'm really satisfied with this deck, since it provides a lot of possibilities and when played aggressively can put a lot of pressure on your opponent. While most of the cards in the deck are stable, some choices mirror my play style and play testing experience and are therefore only recommended for people with a similar play style. I'm going to write a full tournament report once I find the time for it. If you have any questions about the deck feel free to ask.
I would do some minor changes to the deck after the tournament but since EoW is on its way I'm going to redesign it anyway.

Eternal Victory Dojo
BK xp
BH basic (theoretically)

Dynasty (40)

1x Jurojin's Guidance
1x Alter History (solid)

3x Copper Mine
3x Remote Village
2x Travelling Peddler
3x Ageless Shrine
1x Chugo Seydo
3x Small Farms

1x Akodo Dairuko
1x Akodo Kobi
1x Matsu Hana
1x "Matsu" Hotaku
3x Akodo Kamina
3x Akodo Makotai
3x Akodo Suoh (thankfully didn't take him out, won me one game in the top 4 and in the finals)
3x Akodo Kakihara
3x Matsu Arata
3x Matsu Koyama

1x The Second City

Fate (40)

1x Ring of the Void
1x Ring of Fire
1x Ring of Water
1x A Game of Dice
1x Creating Order
1x Peace
3x Grateful Reward
4x Cast aside the Weak
3x Sundering Strike
3x Strength in Terror (so good!)
2x Guided by Honor (should play 3 again)
2x Surety of Purpose
3x Control the Board (played one during the whole tournament I think)
3x Consideration (awesome!)
2x Banish all Doubts
3x Iron Will (gives you this confident feeling during battle)
3x Effortless Counterattack (played one during the whole tournament)
3x Know no Fear

Parangon - Mon Honneur n'est pas à vendre -
"Celui qui pousse l’ennemi à se déplacer, en lui faisant miroiter une opportunité s’assure la supériorité."
Sun Tzu, l'Art de la Guerre.
"L'intention politique est la fin, la guerre est le moyen. Et jamais le moyen ne peut être pensé sans la fin."
Carl von Clausewitz, De la Guerre.
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[EE][Lion][EVD] Kotei Rotterdam Winner
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