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 [Kotei of Paris 2012] Legacy Side-Event rules

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MessageSujet: [Kotei of Paris 2012] Legacy Side-Event rules   Ven 11 Mai - 10:01


On Satuday June 30th night, there will be two side events.
One will be Legacy !

Here are the rules of that side-event (Link) :
Spanish Version is avaible (Link et en français aussi (Link)

Decks have to be 40/40 Legacy. Have a look at the Banned Cards list.
Proxies will be allowed if they are color printings or black&white printing of existing cards.
Important Notices about deckbuilding:
- The initial Sensei doesn't count toward the 40 Fate cards.
- The "Soul of"Key words is a deckbuilding restriction. It is not possible to use more than three copies of cards that are "Soul of" each other.
It is strongly recommanded to check old card's text on Oracle of the Void (Link) assuming a lot of them has been changed recently.

Here is the banned cards list:
Breach of Etiquette (Strategy) (Link)
Minor Oni Servant (Follower) (Link)
Rise from the Ashes (Spell) (Link)
The High House of Light (Stronghold) (Link)
The Master of Five (Event) (Link)
Recruiting Drive (Strategy) (Link)
Asako Karachu (Personality) (Link)
Riverside Port (Holding) (Link)

Take the initiative (Strategy) (Link) is allowed but a sentence is added at the end of its gametext:
"Permanently give control of all your Bamboo Harversters and A Favor Returned to your opponent."

Shrine of the Spirits (Stronghold) (Link) is allowed. Spirit will be a faction for the duration of that tournament and Spirit Keyword will be a faction keyword for the duration of that tournament.

A Favor Returned (Holding) (Link) is allowed since its gametext has been changed on Oracle of the Void.

Tournament's life:
Game will be 1vs1.
Pairings will come from Swiss Rounds.

Enjoy !

P'an ku will never die !

2012 Kotei of Paris, France : June 30th and July 1st
h t t p : / /

Les Worlds L5R 2010 : Link
L5R Events in Paris : Link.

7th "UTZ!" of the 2011 Prague Kotei !
July 16th, 2011 Akodo Lestat wrote : "Remi was the Innocent Hand".
Premier Licorne libre de toutes discriminations sur la Fierté du Lion !

Rather contact me by email than Private Message to get fast answers : remi(dot)cavaille(at)gmail(dot)com
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[Kotei of Paris 2012] Legacy Side-Event rules
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