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 [SC] Mantis AV Swarm Ornatov

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Akodo Tenrou

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MessageSujet: [SC] Mantis AV Swarm Ornatov   Sam 15 Oct - 23:03

Citation :

This deck went 11-1 in games at the Portland "Name a Card" tournament.

It's a standard AV swarm that uses Basic Lesson for crazy-good gold development, and Know their Minds for control elements.



1x Yoritomo's Guidance
3x Peddler
3x Private Shrine

3x En'you

1x Chikara

3x Tsuruchi Omori
3x Sakarah
3x Eita
3x Pokupo
3x Tsuruchi Suzuki
3x Yoritomo Saburo
3x Yoritomo Iwata
3x Yoritomo Chiako
3x Yoritomo Kaemon
1x Yoritomo Saburo
1x Yoritomo Utemaro


3x Basic Lesson
3x Know their Minds

1x Ultimate Sacrifice
2x Dangerous Recon
2x Fury of the Mob
2x Scouting far Afield

3x Settling the Homeless
3x Brawl
3x Claw and Shell
3x Reckless Rush
3x Shameful and Cowardly
3x Unfamiliar
3x Border Ambush
3x Final Duty
3x Rout

For those that want to play this, and tweak it, here are a couple of things that I've found in my playtesting:

I really wanted to play Basic Lesson in AV, ever since I saw the card, because I think that "First turn, free Basic Lesson" is the strongest play that any deck can make in the CE environement. So, I goldfished AV Magistrates, AV Commanders, AV Dueling, and AV Control - and none of those felt right. So, I figured I'd just play the standby AV Flashmob.

First and foremost, this is not a blitz deck. It doesn't mind sitting back on the second turn, and buying 4 people. The idea is not to take provinces quickly, but to take provinces reliably. Basic Lesson develops your gold, and blitz decks don't do that.

Southern Barricade (or any other non-battle action): It's a mistake to play these. 9 non-battle actions will bite you in the end-game, and you will get to the end-game, since Blitzing will not always be an option.

Dangerous Recon: This can come out. Between digging for Monkeys and being starved for cards - it's not always useful immediately upon entering your hand - either because you don't have a scout, or because it's the end of the turn.

Can't think of anything I'd change in Dynasty.

Fate has a bit of wiggle room, as long as Battle Actions are replaced by Battle Actions. Might want to play 1 Flanked by Nightmares, just for the "PokupoSurprise" special. Claw and Shell should stay at 3 for the Lion matchup. Let's see... Fury of the Mob did win 1 game for me, but was also dead in other games, so that might need to be looked at. Scouting was dead all tournament, but I refuse to believe that it has become a bad card. Other than that - it's pretty standard. Oh, yeah, that new Rout - that might need to be tested.

This deck tries to punish people for playing BKx, and the one thing that may take some time to learn is the correct timing on Know their Minds. You have to figure out where the breaking point is in a game, and use it then - not waste it. I don't have it quite down yet, but I'll get there.

Anyways. There you go. Don't play this in Europe, you'll get de-stroyed.

Short report:

The venue is the best that I have EVER played in. When I arrived, I was asked for my ID - which made me go 'huh?', but then I was told that there would be refreshing beverages available. Holler! AND they have a ton of 2nd edition DnD stuff!

1st round - Crane honor. I bought 3 people on turn one, and 4 people on turn 2. I don't think Nathan crossed 30 - this is a very bad matchup for his deck.

2nd round - Unicorn. Reasonable development from both of us, but an Unfamiliar bows 2 of his people, and I swarm over what's left. Refreshing beverage #1.

3rd round - Lion. Nice new player with Paragons. This deck is not friendly to new people, since the opponent has to maximize their choices to be able to deal with the Mob. Refreshing beverage #2.

Lunch break. Pizza is provided, free. Holy hell, I'm never missing a tournament here. Refreshing beverage #3. Refreshing beverage #4. Refreshing beverage #5.

4th round - Lion. Roland gets a really bad start, I offer a reshuffle, he dismisses the offer with a snarl and a "This is a tournament." He still makes it very close, but my dudes are better than his 1x Traveling Peddler start. Refreshing beverage #6.

5th round - Lion. Case takes my last province by 1 force, while I have 75489348 guys bowed out, waiting to come back and smush his remaining 2. I'm quite refreshed at this point, and turn down further offers of Refreshing beverages. Unless they come from Randy, apparently. Refreshing beverage #7.

6th round - Scorpion Ninja. Blitz decks don't do well against swarm decks that go first. Nothing out of the ordinary - I just have more guys and more battle actions.

Top8 - ToP dishonor. I end the games in the double-digit negatives, both times. Buying guys for full, and having many of them, ends up letting me squeak both games out. The 3PH samurai earns his spot in the deck by keeping me alive. Second game would have gone the other way, but I had 2x Know their Minds for the key turn where 2 people showed up in his 2 remaining provinces.

Top4 - Roland from round 4. First game I swarm over a gold-flood. Second game is better, I am up 4v2, and I get Furied. 2 Pokupos remain to defend the Mantis lands... Roland takes 2 back real quick, so it's 2v2. We end up having a battle where I take one, and he takes one back. At 1v1, we play "Draw, Go" for a couple turns, until I have a hand that I think I can take the last one with. I attack, Fury of the Mob his big unit, and Settle the other two, taking the province.

Top2 - Nathan from round 1. Nathan doesn't cross 30 in either one of our games. Many men visit the Crane provinces, and he welcomes them with open arms. A couple have tragic accidents with alleged duels against famed Crane duelists, but those are just rumors - the majority are unharmed.

A great tournament, at a great venue, with a great TO. Good day.


Roland, Randy, Alan and the rest of the Canadian crew - nice to see ya'll.
Guardian Games - amazing game store.
Tournement Crew - a very smooth tournament.

If you're within driving distance of Guardian Games in Portland - it's very worthwhile to go there; for a tourney, or just to take a look at the amazing amount of games and other stuff they have.


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Sun Tzu, l'Art de la Guerre.
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